22 septembre 2011

16 juin 2011: Abdulla-Al-Kaabi, realisateur:
In English:
Born in 1986 and raised in Fujairah, of the United Arab Emirates, Abdulla moved to Dubai at the age of 16 to continue his studies at the American Universtiy of Sharjah. While still studying, he was scouted for a reality T.V. program as a presenter on Dubai T.V. where he stayed for the next four years. "I have the perfect life", Abdulla said, "I earn money, I have apparently everything.., one day someone asked me if I was really happy. And then, I remembered that I had wanted to be a film director ever since I was very young but was doing nothing about it."
Strongly convinced he should pursue his dream, he came to France to study a Masters in Filmmaking. He did a student internship in a production house and there learned they had a branch in Dubai. He showed them the scripts he had written, including the story for a project called "The Philosopher". They liked it and immediately decided to contact Jean Reno to appear in the short. Our young artist could not believe it when he first heard that Reno had accepted! "It was a dream", he says. "I saw Reno as a superstar in movies, and to see such an artist support a young filmmaker is simply poetry".
"The Philosopher" was shot in Paris this year with more than 80 cast and crew, costing over 1million. It is the story of a successful pianist and footballer who gives up his possessions to contemplate his life.
"Following your passion is not the easiest way, it's the hardest one, but it is worth it".
- Abdulla-Al-Kaabi